Kwezt is Nigeria's independent web search engine.

Our objectives is to develop and build an alternative web search engine apps and web services with a more intelligent indexing  and search technologies that will create even more opportunity for millions of consumers in Nigeria and across the world.

If you are interested in what we are doing and you like to support or part of it as a partner, advisor or an investor please send email to

We've got the results


Launched January, 2017

Deployment of Lynqbot web crawler and indexing application, started on March, 2017

Kwezt news aggregator portal ( started October 2017

Kwezt add and to it's search results  December, 2017

Trending in Lynqnews was added to Kwezt search engine home page - December 2017

Kwezt seach engine ( new home page started - January, 2018

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